Great Egret close up

The Park Office2016-10-19T13:05:27+00:00

First, try the park office: 727-552-1862 – or alert any staff member in the park

Gulf Coast Bird Rescue2016-05-28T12:36:34+00:00

Robin: 727-400-0834

[email protected]

Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission2016-05-28T12:38:04+00:00

Use Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’s Wildlife Assistance Hotline: 888-404-3922 for birds OR other animals

List from St. Petersburg Audubon Society2016-05-28T12:38:41+00:00

List from St. Petersburg Audubon Society, please click here

What are the parks hours?2016-05-28T12:39:44+00:00

Fort De Soto Park is open from sunrise to sunset. The fishing piers remain open until 11 pm.

Where is the dog park?2016-05-28T12:40:46+00:00

Beside the westernmost area of the Bay Pier parking lot.

How can I reserve a picnic shelter?2016-05-28T12:41:45+00:00

Call 727-582-2100 or reserve online here

How can I get a beach wheelchair?2016-05-28T12:42:05+00:00

Beach wheelchairs are available on a first-come; first-served basis. Ask about availability at the toll booth.

How do I make a campground reservation?2016-05-28T12:42:34+00:00

Call 727-582-2267 to make a reservation, or reserve online here

How can I place a memorial brick at Park headquarters?2018-05-07T18:20:54+00:00

A PLACE AT FORT DE SOTO PARK… If you have thought you would like to honor someone, or leave a memorial, or mark some other life event at the Park, you can do it by purchasing a brick for the circle around the flag pole at park headquarters. For details please click here.

How far in advance can I make a campground reservation?2016-05-28T12:49:39+00:00

If you live outside Pinellas County you can make a reservation 6 months in advance. If you are a Pinellas County resident, you may reserve 7 months in advance.

What are the campground fees?2016-05-28T12:43:23+00:00

Campground fees are seasonal. For a detailed chart please click here.

What are the fishing fees?2016-05-28T12:43:52+00:00

Friends of Fort De Soto Inc. has purchased group licenses for the fishing piers, so there is no charge to fish off of the fishing piers. A current Florida fishing license is required for fishing in all other areas of the park.

What are the boat ramp fees?2016-05-28T12:44:51+00:00

Boat Ramp Pay Stations: daily parking fee: $6 with trailer, vehicle parking without a trailer is $5.

Why do I pay a toll before the bridge then another one here?2016-05-28T12:45:24+00:00

The state of Florida has 2 toll booths on Pinellas Bayway approaching the park. One costs 75 cents and the other is a 50 cent toll. The $5 per vehicle parking fee at Fort De Soto is collected by Pinellas County.

When was the fort built and why?2016-05-28T12:45:54+00:00

For the full story on the fort, please click here.

Why can’t I go into that roped area on North Beach?2016-05-28T15:29:33+00:00

It is a protected habitat area for shorebirds. Look here for more information.

Can we bring alcohol into the park?2016-05-28T12:46:52+00:00

No. Alcohol is not allowed in Fort De Soto Park.

Is there a “clothing optional beach” at Fort De Soto Park?2016-05-28T12:47:23+00:00


How can I sign up to volunteer?2016-05-28T12:48:06+00:00

Please click here for more information.